6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have chey my pregnancy in ovulation test kot it came positive can we do it

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Answer: Hi dear surely now u can have sex if it ia showing positive.make sure to do it for 4 to 5 days in a row to increase pregnancy option . Also do check ur pregnancy after 1 week of missed period.
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    Himaja Ray603 days ago

    I missed my period n i checked my pregnancy in ovulation test kit n it came + ve only i am pregnant or not

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Question: I checked my pregnancy test in ovulation kit can we do it
Answer: No dear the ovulationkit didnt give result for pregnancy. So use a pregnancy kit for pregnancy test.
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Question: I didn't get periods in September, i have done pregnancy test came positive, how can i count my pregnency month..?
Answer: Kindly provide the date of your last period too.as of now the app shows you are 8 weeks pregnant.
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Question: can we do ovulation test in evening
Answer: Hi mam yes you can do evolution test during evening but but sometimes the results may be error so it would be good if we do it at the morning first urine but in hospitals and medical lab they used to do in evening time also so you can do that but if there is any error you can check it out later at day time
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