2 months old baby

Question: I have breast abscess can we still breast feed

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Answer: Hi dear, It needs to be treated ,healed and only then you can brestfeed.as it would be too painful for you.
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    Pooja Lalwani361 days ago

    But it affects baby or not

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Question: Recently I had breast abscess surgery I want to know what caused breast abscess. Not expressing milk is the reason for breast abscess?
Answer: The reason for breast abscess is not that you have not express your Milk but it is that you you got an infection. It was a bacterial infection that is different.
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Question: I have fever. Can I breast feed
Answer: Yes you can. Normal cold or flu is fine even if you continue breast feeding. Take care!
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Question: Abscess in breast
Answer: Hi! If its an abcess you need Dr. intervention becz usually antibiotics are prescribed to subside it.. Good luck!
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Question: Hi, i have a question regarding breastfeeding.do we have to switch the breast everytime we feed.
Answer: Hie Feed your baby at least for 20 min or untill your breast is empty As your baby needs both hind milk d As well as foremilk for overall growth and development Foremilk is rich in nutrients while hindmilk is fat rich
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