21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have blood sugar 136 mg is this have to be worried and thyroid also. 4.52

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Question: I have blood sugar level 136 what should I do
Answer: Hllo dear u r 29 weeks pregnant dear during pregnancy blood glucose at or below 95 mg/dl before meals, 140 mg/dl an hour after a meal, or 120 mg/dl two hours after a meal.dear ur blood sugar level s 136 its little high .so nothing to worry abht .u should tc of it self consult ur gyno take medicine. u should take healthy diet as Eat variety of food,distributing calories nd carbohydrates evenly throughout the day.Dont skip meals.take breakfast in 9 to 10 am after take fruits juices .after 2 hours gap take lunch and again milk in evening after that take snacks nd a healthy dinner..take healthy bf includes high fiber food such as fresh fruits vegetables whole grain bread nd cereals nd dried peas beans. Go 4 walk daily nd do exercise try it
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Question: My sugar level is 136 mg/dl and am 4th month pregnant is it good? How to reduce it? What food to be taken? Can you please advice
Answer: Avoid sweet foods, even a high carbohydrate diet. Switch to oats, brown rice, dals that have chilka--- chana whole, moong whole, urad whole. Try missi roti--- multigrain with jau, ragi, bajra, wheat, chana, methi. Put wheat only 1 kg and rest 1.5 kg while grinding into powder. Methi is a boon to diabetics. Eating karela. Methi N bitter gourd to be taken like once a week. Methi water you can drink early morning. Try a healthy shake every morning such as banana shake, avocado shake, spinach juice, orange juice, avoid honey and sugar-free sugar although sugar-free is considered safe but take stevia leaf instead that's very safe. Main is to avoid carb and fill yourself with fibre. Do not worry. Monitor your sugar closely and take a Hb1ac test that will help us to understand your sugar level in past 3 months and how we can start or modify metformin treatment. Exercise --- yes you should yoga is best GOUMUKHASAN for sugar patients. It's good to join prenatal and pregnancy yoga classes. Take care It's manageable Do not worry.
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Question: Mam my sugar level is Fasting blood sugar is 93 70-110 mg,/dl P,P blood sugar is. 78. 80-140. Mg/dl Is any risk to baby for this sugar level? Pls suggest me
Answer: Fbs level shuld be less than 90 nthg to worry do brisk walk nd avoid sugar products
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Question: My fasting sugar report is 76mg/dl and blood sugar PP is 92 mg/dl. Is this report is normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal
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