3 months old baby

Question: I have back pain, when i changing position during sleeping time,, its difficulty to change because of back pain ,, what is the reason,,how to cure that

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Answer: Hello dear Back pain is more likely to be caused by a recent injury, heavy lifting, poor posture or positioning or stress on the bones or muscles. To get relief try these remedies : 1. Make efforts to get back to your normal weight after a month or so post delivery. 2. Start exercising or do yoga 3. Walking is a safe exercise to start with if you have had a C-section. 4. Take rest as much as possible. 5. Do not lift heavy things after delivery as it can put pressure on your muscles and joints.
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Question: i m 10 weeks pregnant,, my problem is sleeping position... i know that during pregnancy, the best position to sleep is on the left side,, but during sleep if i sleep on my back or on my stomach, then is it dangerous for my baby or not...?? i suddenly wake up many times during sleeping because of the sleeping position tention..
Answer: Hi, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is sleep on side, even better to sleep on left side.in early pregnancy you can sleep on back and on tummy till 14 weeks.but after 14 weeks better to lie down on side, will increase the blood circulation between placenta and baby.keep your legs and knees bent, and put pillow between your legs.take care
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Question: Hi mommies I did not get my periods now 1and half month over I have tested 5days nothing like that what is the reason how to get periods
Answer: Dear if ur pregnancy report s negative nothing to worry abht its due to harmonal changes. So consult to ur dr nd she ll give medicine nd ur periods ll come try it
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Question: Sometimes I have shortness of the breath.. What is the reason?
Answer: Little problem is normal during pregnancy it can be due to low bp.you should drink plenty of water. If it's more then consult to your doctor.
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