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Question: I have baby on 31 October by normal delivery but have some stitches down there .. from past 2 days I feel little pain during urination .. is it normal or sign of any illness'

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Answer: Hey dear the stitches can take up to 2 month to heal properly so having pain while urination is normal after normal delivery. make sure to drink enough water to avoid inflammation and also avoid sitting in any position which can put pressure on your stitches. Tc
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Question: Hi my lmp 6 oct but from 2 days little vomit was occur on morning and i feel abdominal pain back pain vertigo nausea fatigue frequently urination
Answer: Wait till 7 nov And try preganews at home. If positive goto a Gyane.
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Question: How snd when the stitches pain will be less? I have normal delivery but got some stitches there
Answer: it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the stitches pain to completely settle down do not worry take good rest if the pain is too much you can also do hot water compression this will help you and consult your doctor for medications or any kind of ointments which will help
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Question: From 2 days white discharge and frequent urination and back pain is it sign of delivery
Answer: can be also a sign of labour. So you should consult your doctor.
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