33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have a strong craving for sweets nowadays. I always want to have sweets. Is everything fine or something wrong with me

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Answer: It's prescribed for blood thinning and it's not harmful. I myself have been prescribed ecosprin 150 for my whole pregnancy. I'll be stopping the medicine only before a month of my delivery. So nothing to worry.
Answer: Same here. Bt when i started having sweets it led me suffer frm severe cough. See that when u hv sweets limit the intake to avoid cough. Hope it hepls
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Question: Is it normal to not to have a strong craving for either salty/sugary food?
Answer: hi dear yes very normal to have craving for Salt or sweet food. you can have it no problem but only if you have high BP or gestational diabetics u have to be careful about the food you eat take care dear
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Question: I have craving for chalk nowadays.. why it is so. n wt to do?
Answer: Hllo deae u r 34 weeks pregnant U r eating chalk its due to iron nd calcium defency .consult to ur gyno nd take iron nd calcium tablets .
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Question: i don't have craving for any food. i still like the food which i have always liked. Although, m bit inclined to sweets now a days. no craving of tangy or khatta. is it normal?
Answer: Hello! Absolutely normal. Every pregnancy is different. So every one feels differently. There is no problem in that.... Take care
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