26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have a problem in my pregnancy .problem of mood swing .plz guide me that its normal or not?

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Answer: Hello.. Its normal... Due to hormonal changes
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Question: mood swing plays major role in pregnancy. and i am hurting everyone around me. specially my mom.. is mood swing normal in pregnancy? whether it affects baby too?
Answer: Hello, the main culprit is your hormonal changes. The hormonal changes results in mood swings. Try to follow these to avoid mood swings. Keep your self engaged, the more your mind is diverted the better. Take proper rest, if your body is devoid of rest and sleep the mood swings worsens. Listen to good music, music has super healing powers and works wonder one mind and body. Get some exercise. Exercise generates happy hormones which helps to elevate the mood. Take care
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Question: Do mood swing really occur or its an illusion of women???
Answer: Hello dear. Mood changes during pregnancy can be caused by physical stresses, fatigue, changes in your metabolism, or by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. It would settle down gradually. Take care.
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Question: I am having mood swing my mood swing is full of sex.. thinking about it may affect my baby or not... am afraid of this because our thinking affect our baby growth
Answer: It's absolutely normal. 80% of women dream about what they feel and want. Definitely trust issues arise during pregnancy where in you may feel low, moody due to hormones and also thinking about sex because this part has suffered largely Nd so does a relationship. But talk to your partner, and have some quality bonding. Get assurance and rest be okay. About thoughts, listen to Om music it has shown significant amount of stress relief in preg ladies, listen to ramayan music it will calm you down. Hope it helps! Take care
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Question: Mam i have experience lag pain not continously its off n on its normal or any problem in my pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, leg pain is common during pregnancy...sitting or standing in the same position for a long time also causes leg pain... improper shoes can also hurt your feet .. so please make sure that you are not stressed, avoid eating salty food, take short walks, keep your feet elevated while sitting and sleeping, and wear shoes or footwear that do not squeeze your feet...buy one size bigger if required..
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