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Question: I have a miscarriage in feb 9 and still am spotting till today .what wrong ?

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Answer: Due to miscarriage this was happening. Ots good for health all the waste blood should be gone. By that you can have regular periods.
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    Indetlung Nren929 days ago

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Answer: Consult with doctors
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Question: I have miscarriage in feb 9 and still now i am spotting what is the problem
Answer: Hi dear I don't think come there is any problem after miscarriage spotting is common but it since it is going to be close to a month you can talk to your gynecologist about it and to check if the entire infection is out of the body .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have last miscarriage in October.. Now i am 9 week pregnant and having light spotting is it normal?
Answer: hi dear ! so dear you should take progesterone tablets for this light bleeding even. so you will have to visit your gynac dear to get an examination done dont worry this spotting is normal but we tend to give the progesterone as it helps to maintain the pregnancy and prevents any miscarriages. so just to be on a safer side we give progesterone. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful!
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Question: I have misscariage in feb 3 and i have sex in 25 feb and till now my period is not getting as well as i have tender breast ...i am pregnant again or?what is wrong with me? Please help
Answer: Its not good to get pregnant soon after miscarriage and it may not be pregnancy
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