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Question: I have a doubt. I am trying for a baby. I had droplets of blood from Feb 1-5 and regular periods from Feb 6-11. Last month, I had my periods on 9th Jan. I checked the doctor. Doctor took cervix examination and told that everything is normal. But, today I'm getting droplets of blood which is black in colour. Can anyone tell me what it means?

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Question: Hello, since from a year I trying bby and I use to have a unprotected sex but y I don't conceived.. I have a regular periods on time
Answer: First of all dont stress yourself, keep positive and happy. Eat folic acid rich food like green leafy veggy,lentils, nuts, beans, dried beans, banaana,avacado, papaya. Folic acid plays very important role for conception. From 14 to 21 days from first day of period is ovulation happens, but egg got only 24 hours window to try daily during that time, dont stand up or go toilet immediately after course. Try to keep your legs up and lying down atleast 15 to 20 minutes after course. If your husband smoke or drink ask to quit or minimize for some time. Try this for 2 to 3 more months and if still no success then see doctor.
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Question: I had a history of pcods and I was under ayurvedic treatment. I started getting regular periods then. But was unable to conceive due to lack of ovulation. I was asked to induce ovulation and took the tablets in December but I wasn't pregnant.i had my regular periods on Jan 10th. However, I hadn't taken any medication thereafter. And on Feb 10th I missed my periods and found out that I am pregnant. Will there be any problems with my baby?
Answer: Hello! There should not be any problem but once do consult the doctor for further guidance. Since you had pcod, it is better to consult the doctor and let the doctor know everything for a better guidance. Take care
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Question: My periods was on 10th of jan and I had intercourse from 13th jan to 22nd jan expect 16th ,20th and 21st jan.. Can I get pregnant?
Answer: Yes dear there are chances of pregnancy. But you can confirm only after you have missed your periods dear.
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