5 months old baby

Question: I have a 5 months old baby. I want to know how to manage my breast milk supply after I rejoin my work post my baby completing 7 months. She feeds from only one breast so my one breast is always full. Since baby doesn't feed from other breast milk supply of that breast is reduced so whatever milk gets accumulated there i pump it out once in 2 days and feed her. I am exclusively giving her only breastmilk for 6 months. After that i want to continue breast feeding along with solids for 2 years. I will be at work from morning 7.30 to evening 7.30. we don't have breast pumping room in the office as well. So, my colleagues complained about hardening of breast. I have already had breast abcess in the first month. So, i am worried about breast engorgement or mastitis. Please suggest a routine which i can implement from now if required to store sufficient milk for baby when i start my job as well as to avoid breast issues.

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Answer: Hi dear first of all congratulations and its nice to know that you want to continue to feel your baby till 2 years with only your breast milk this is a very good idea but the constraint that you have during this time is the place to pump pure milk that is not a problem if you are not going office and pump your milk keep it in the cool pack you can come back home and you can repeat that but if it is not happening if there is no space then it is going to be a major problem for you to continue feeling the baby because it is very much possible that you can come and you can store you can create stash and then you feel your child but if you are not able to Pump it only in the entire day then it can be a problem for you as you have said that you have had abscess before and how difficult it has been for you so you it is important for you to pump out the milk because it's a continuous process and it is needed for the baby as well as it is completely your choice so I don't think your office would impose any kind of problem and they will also arrange for a secure bedroom very new can set and pump now if you are unable to pump at office it is going to be tough for you you need to create staches now if it is possible you can do one thing that at tonight maybe you can come and you can buy those lands eno make pouches very new can store and keep create a stash at your home itself in your home freezer and if you get to Pump it in your office with an arrangement with your HR then also you can pump in your office you can buy those bottles and keep them in cool packs so that there is no spoiling of milk you can come home you can transfer that to the land Sinha packets and you can keep them in your freezer you once your own stash is created then it won't be a problem and your baby would grow with time your baby solid dependency will be more so baby will have the milk dependency less because after 6 months the face is called winning so what you do if you supplement the milk with solid wood so that is not going to be a problem you need to plan it that way.. I hope you find this helpful!
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