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Question: I have a 2 1/2 years old daughter recently she started a habit of biting and holding her lower lip which is resulting in shapeout of her lower lip it started looking bulgy we ate trying to tell her softly not to do but she id not able to control it please suggest solution

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Answer: Hello dear. At this age trying to tell again and again only helps. My husband has a big lower lip so I just show it to my daughter and ask her if she wants her lip to be that big she said a big no and gradually stopped doing it. Hope it helps.
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Question: My daughter is 5 months 28days..nw a day she started sucking her lower lip becoz of this it swelling nits about to come blood... How to avoid this... I should keep watching her lips
Answer: Hi dear I understand your concern your baby must be teething or she wants to chew on something introduce her to pacifiers it's better then butting her lips.hope it helps
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Question: my daughter is 15 months old I am trying make habit of Brushing but she does not want to brush her teeth kaise habit bnau??
Answer: A few suggestions: 1. Make brushing teeth just part of the routine. You may want to try it BEFORE the bath so she is not so tired. Or even during the bath. 2. Consider skipping toothpaste. Most dentists say that's fine at this age, and since most kids don't like toothpaste, you might experiment to see if that makes her more open to brushing. 3. "Play" toothbrushing all day long to help get her used to the idea and work out her feelings about it. For instance: let her brush the stuffed animals' or dolls' "teeth."Brush all over her body -- her arm, her ear. "Is this where I should brush?"Let her brush your teeth to reverse the power dynamic and help her work out her feelings about it with a lot of giggling (which releases the same pent-up emotions as crying.) 4. Use sound to start good habits.Encourage her to say "Teeee" (for the front teeth) and "Ahhhh" (for the back teeth) and roar like an animal so her mouth is open wide while brushing. This also makes the whole process more of an exciting game. 5. Sing! "This is the way we brush our teeth, after we eat our dinner" 6. Play "copycat". Since most kids this age enjoy learning by copying us but want to "do it themselves," brush together looking into the mirror. Have her copy you in the mirror as you brush. Make it a fun game. 
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Question: Hello this sir, my 2 months old baby girl sucks her lower lip a lot. should I give her chicco Pacifier? actually i m worried abt d shape of her lip if she continues to suck. it.
Answer: No problems she will do for some time u can give her pacifier if u want
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