3 months old baby

Question: I have 79days old baby it's ceserian to me. bleeding stops in one and half month but now at this time bleeding becomes once in a 2-3days

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Answer: hello dear, its normal to get period after 2 or 3 months of delivery. but as you said you bleed once in 2/3 days , this is not normal period pattern, so you should talk to your gynecologist.
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Question: I have regular periods in every month but interval is 34/35days. And severe pain occur at that time 2/3days. May this effect to get pregnancy?
Answer: Hi if your period cycle is 34 to 35 days and you experienced severe pain during the period time I would suggest you to please to talk to your doctor once I would just like to share my experience and it is not to make you afraid for panicky but my period cycle was regular and not even 34 35 days but I used to experience severe pain during my pregnancy especially on the first day and I have been detected with PCOD nine years back do it did not give me any trouble in conception and have been able to conceive normally and give birth to a normal healthy child 3 yrs back .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi... Now I'm 28th week.... But one and half hour once urine frequency throughout a day ... It's normal or not
Answer: Hi dear,it's a verry normal fact,actually our uterus is situated on our bladder,as ur baby is growing ur uterus is also expanding..n d uterus den create a pressure on bladder,that's y u r feeling like day.don't worry,It's normal.
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Question: If one month old baby boy pee at once in yellow color it's normal
Answer: Dear if baby is peeing frequently then there is nothing to worry but just make sure to feed baby after every 1 hour that will help baby get hydrated and will surely change the colour of pee..
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