4 months old baby

Question: I have 4 months old baby by c sec , but I have too much back pain, I am a working woman plz suggest me

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Answer: Hello, postpartum back pain does not leave your body immediately after delivery and continues for some time. Your body releases progesterone and relaxin hormones during pregnancy which relaxes the ligaments and joints of your pelvic bone, for easing out the baby during delivery.. It takes almost six months for your body to settle in and for the relaxin hormones to subside in your body, so by then usually your back pain should recede. If still it does not recede please meet up with your gynaecologist immediately for further medication.
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Question: I have 13 months old baby, c-sec and I am a working women I have started working since 4 months.. Suffering from severe back pain since few weeks. Please suggest
Answer: Hi dear. first of all you eat proper diet because it is very hectic for us to manage work home and baby all at one time server body need diet soda drink milk daily and also add fruits in your diet and nuts should be there in your daily diet don't forget to eat at least for soaked Almonds daily . and there is a yoga pose called cat pose, this is really really helpful in eradicating back pain especially after C section and this is my personal experience it because I am also c section mother and had severe back pain after operation , I managed to vanish away my back pain with the help of walking cat pose yoga and nutritious diet . Try these things
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Question: I have gained much weight after c sec .Iam a working woman .my belly is looking like that i am pregnant .plz help me out to reduce weight
Answer: Hi, drink more water and drink hot water in early morning and also at neight just before sleep, you can see the result in 1 week ☺
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Question: Iam having too much back pain after c section. I have my c section 4 months before but now Iam having back pain. What to do.
Answer: Start with little exercise doing housework.. also include flake seeds in ur diet .. it increases calcium level with milk products
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