4 months old baby

Question: I have 4 months baby nd giving breast milk...is it safe to drink Safi syrup for me... And if it can give any discomforts to my kid? Pls give me suggestion

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Answer: Please consult doctor before taking it.
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Question: Doctor for me breast milk not coming properly so i will giving to my baby formula milk but now she not latching my breast so give me any suggestion pls she is drinking only formula milk pls help me
Answer: Make powder of jeera(cumin seeds) 100 gm with mishri powder 100gm....take this one tbsp 3 times a day with milk....u will notice a great change...breast milk supply will increase...nd massage gently ur bresats with castor oil daily 2 times....allow ur baby to feed more on ur milk...automatically milk will cm wen baby will suck...nd it will take a few time to make him habitual how to suck...but dont stress urself....it will really be helpful...gud luck
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Question: pls give me suggestion for increase breast milk
Answer: Here is a simple homemade powder for increasing milk supply in lactating mothers. Dry roast equal quantities of cumin and fennel seeds till they turn aromatic. Cool them and grind to powder. Mix ½ tsp powder in ½ tsp warm ghee and consume 30 minutes before food 2 to 3 times a day. Desi ghee works best. This can be consumed for 2 weeks, followed by a break for 4 to 5 days and then repeat the cycle. This also helps to reduce colic in breastfed babies. A small portion of ajwain/ carom seeds can also be included.
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Question: Can i drink coffee if i giving milk to my 2 months baby plz tel
Answer: Hi, yes u can have coffee there is no problem if u drink coffee even u r bf mom
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Question: My baby weight is 4 kg my breast milk is not enough for my baby...pls give any suggestion to give natural product for my baby...
Answer: Hi dear, if your breastmilk not enough for your baby then you have to opt for fornula feed & you should consult your padeatric about the brand of FM good for your baby. You also should try to increase your breamilk production. Drink atleast 2 glass of milk daily. Keep your self hydrated, feed your baby frquently to increase milk production. Eat vegetables like beetroot, carrot, unripe papaya, garlic may help you and eat spices like methi, saunf & poppyseeds regularly to increase milk fliw. You can also ask your doctor fir supplement to increase flow. Hope this may help you.
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