13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have 3rd month...get pimples on my face day by day increase.. i didn't apply any cream on my face...is it common or anything else.. please tell me any home remedies for this..

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Answer: Getting pimples is very common in pregnancy use natural products like aloe Vera gel & olive oil at home.. Avoid heavy makeup during pregnancy..
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Question: Hi doctor in my face im getting pigmentation please help me for this any cream or home remedies...
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,dark spots on part of body and face is a symptom of pigmentation.this usually happens in pregnancy and the hormones are to be blamed. Do not worry they go off post delivery.pigmentation on face needs to be treated with cucumber face packs.you can grate cucumber and strain the juice out,mix it with multani mitti and apply twice a week. Sandalwood paste would also be beneficial. Potato juice and rubbing slice of tomato could also help in pigmentation. Yogurt with besan can be applied twice a week to the affected area.use suncreen while you step out of house.as sun rays could really harm your skin especially during pregnancy,as skin b comes too sensitive....
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Question: Please tell me any home remedies to get rid of pimples. Medicated. But no use.. New pimples are popping out every day. My face became ugly. I am very upset.. I have done all most all common home remedies. Please anyone tell me any effective remedy.
Answer: Hi dear, Totally understand your state as I myself suffered from acne in pregnancy.yes,it was due to hormonal changes.the only thing helped me was drinking plenty of water.also keeping your face clean.no oily creams or cosmetics.i applied aloe Vera gel for moisturizer.used turmeric and sandalwood paste on acne.avoid touching the acne as much as possible.change your pillow sheets twice a week.fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables helps to regulate hormones.also avoid spicy,deep fried stuff,sugary foods.....,.
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Question: Hey ...m having so much pimples on face since 5-6 days .any safe cream or home remedies for it
Answer: Hello dear, hormonal changes can cause acne.. however you can apply lemon juice directly on acne or pimples only and left on overnight..Keep doing this at least twice a week to notice a difference... apply aloe vera gel directly on your acne or pimples.. It has a cooling effect on itchy skin.. You could also take a pinch of turmeric..add a drop of rose water to it and apply on the affected areas...Leave it on until it dries and later rinse your face and wash it off..This will help in reducing pimples considerably..
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