2 months old baby

Question: I have 3 months old baby when I can start intercourse

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Answer: Hello dear.. you can have intercourse after three months of delivery,if you have any pain or bleeding after that ,please consult doctor
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Question: Can i have intercourse after childbirth. Baby is 2.5 months old. And I'm breastfeeding him. Can I have intercourse and my doubt is my periods did not start yet. If we have intercourse will I be pregnant again.
Answer: Yeah surely you have intercourse with your partner..but one thing is important..you must have a protected sex..because there is possibility to conceive if you are having unprotected sex..we cannot say,breastfeeding protects conceiving..there is an equal chances of conceiving whether you are a breast feeding mom or not and till you are not getting your periods Some breastfeeding mothers don't have their periods till 1-2 years..if they stop breastfeeding,they will have periods automatically..not having periods is not meant as no ovulation... So have a safe sex...breast milk is very much essential to your baby atleast for 6 months..if you are interested you give him till 2 years...if you are getting pregnant again,you won't breastfeed him/her..keep in mind...be happy mom😍😍
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Question: I have 4 months old baby . Can i have intercourse now . Please suggest me ???
Answer: Yes, you can do intercourse. Spc in c section cases Dr. Suggets to take time i at least 6-8 week to do intercourse because stitches takes time to cure. Start with comfortable postions and with protection to avoid risk of pregnancy.
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Question: hi when can I start gripe water for my baby. he 3 months old
Answer: Hello! Gripe water should not be given to babies at any point of time. It has alcohol, unnecessary preservatives and chemicals not good for babies.
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