Few days old baby

Question: I have 2days old baby, n i had c section still breastmilk not coming. I don't know what to do please suggest

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Answer: 2 days wait Madi barutte.
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Question: I have doing c section on 26th dec but still not coming breast milk..what i have to do
Answer: hi dear ! dont worry normally after c section breastmilk comes out between 2-6 days after delivery till then put the baby to breast as soon as possible and breastfeed very often to stimulate milk production.
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Question: I had c section delivery last week...but milk is still not coming. Pls suggest something
Answer: Post c section it might take a few days for the milk flow to set in... You can massage your breasts and use a hot water bag over your breasts before feeding your baby as this will help ease milk flow....
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Question: I have 20 days old baby, had c-section but still I don't have breast milk. Please tell me what should I do
Answer: dnt wry dear hota h mera baby b c sec se hua n mje b milk late se hua hoga dhere dhere nt to wry....daliya wgrh khao khoob usse milk bnta h
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