2 months old baby

Question: I have 2 months 9 days old girl baby . She is suffering in lactose intolerant . I am not feeding breast milk . I feed zerolac power. Will i give any other food ?

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Answer: No dear unless she is 6 months you shouldn't give any food to her nit even water expect milk
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Question: My baby is 9 months old.. she likes to have smashed food not puree juice and all.. how can i start feeding juice items. Even she dont drink other milk other than breast milk.
Answer: Its too good if a baby like raw fruits not the juices because raw food are more healthy then juices.In juices we add sugar salt and all so these are not good and juice will let him to do shits also.But raw fruits never.And breast milk is good for baby let him drink it how much time he want it will give him nutrients and vitamins.Give some wet rice potatoes messed up with little salt.More water and vegetables kichri and vegetable soups.
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Question: my baby 9 months old she is not eating any other food apart from breast milk. for the past 10days she is not eating
Answer: Hello dear It is worrisome if your baby stops eating, though this is what can happen when a new tooth is erupting, causing gum pain. And also ur baby is not drinking breast milk, it is because baby is not able to put pressure in sucking due to pain in gums. Don't worry, visit ur doctor and have proper medication of teething.
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Question: My baby is 2 months old. Other than breast feeding any food items should i give
Answer: Lactogen can be given but i dont think anything else is recommended by doctors. Not wven water till 6 months.
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