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Question: I hav harmone imbalance problem i am trying to conceive taking treatment also but not conceiving

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Answer: Hi dear, I am glad that you are getting treatment need to have patience.along with treatment, lifestyle also needs to be changed. usually women find quite difficult to conceive woth PCOD.they are prone to get diabetes and bp issues too.but with proper diet and lifestyle change you can definitely get pregnant and have easy delivery.include active lifestyle by exercising whole grains,complex carbs like brown rice,whole wheat flour,oats,quinoa.protein rich diet would make sure you have slow rise in sugar.lesa salt in diet could help control high bp.consult your doctor before planning for pregnancy.
Answer: Hello, that's ok please have patience and since you are taking treatment I'm sure you will conceive. But you can have apple cider vinegar 2 spoons in a glass of lukewarm water everyday in empty stomach or before going to bed . This increases your fertility and increase chances of getting conceived . You can your hubby both can have as its good for men also. Hope this helps.
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Question: I am trying to conceive a baby but not conceive baby please help me to conceive a baby but we do for baby conceiving
Answer: Hi dear...i can understand ur worry... Just try to have sex at the right time that is you should have sex during your most fertile time period..If you have regular cycles, you will ovulate around two weeks before your period. This means your fertile window will be the seven days before your expected ovulation. Hope it helps
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Question: I am trying to conceiving but unable to conceive and also sperm leakout is happing in every intercourse...why???
Answer: The best way to increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly is to make sure that you are having sex at the right time in your cycle. If you have regular cycles, you will ovulate around two weeks before your period. This means your fertile window will be the seven days before your expected ovulation. So if ur period starts 1st July then ur ovulation days would start on 14th July and u should have sex between 8th July and 14th July to getbthe best results. Pay attention to your diet. For both men and women, food and fertility are linked. Stick to a balanced diet to boost your chances of a healthy baby. Eat several servings of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk every day. Sometimes the problem is the position in which u have sex. So, here are some of the best sex positions that will bring on that positive pregnancy test-: 1. Missionary Position To Get Pregnant: Let’s just say this – most babies, from around the world, come into being with this position! 2. Doggy Style: We are sure your partner will agree that the doggy style is all over great! But what they may not know is that it is also an excellent way to conceive a baby, quickly. 3. Glowing Triangle: Don’t let the name give you ideas! The glowing triangle is just a twist on the ever-popular missionary position. Just like the missionary, in the glowing triangle you are on your back with your partner on top. The only difference is that in this particular position, the man is on all fours with his legs extended out. With your pelvis slightly raised, you can easily wrap your legs around your partner. 4. The Anvil: Here is another variance of the missionary pose. In this position, the man is again on top, but you have to raise your legs above your head before he penetrates. It is a great position for deep penetration and also helps hit your G-spot, both of which can help you conceive. The anvil is also the best position for pregnancy. 5. Magic Mountain: Another variance of the doggy style pose, the magic mountain is the best position to get pregnant fast. Unlike the doggy pose, here your partner bends over you in such a way that your back is against his chest. You can even use pillows under your head for better balance. The magic mountain position is perfect for baby making as it allows the sperm to move deeper, faster. It also hits the G-spot and helps you orgasm. 6. Spooning: Spooning is not just great for making a baby but is also a very romantic way to end things! In this pose, you lie on your side, with your partner spooning you from behind. The position ensures that your pelvis is tilted at a 90-degree angle, providing better reach for your partner’s sperms. 7. Plough: Now this pose is not for the faint hearted! If you are physically fit and looking to spice up your sex life while trying to conceive, you can try the plough! In this position, you’ll be a wheel burrow! You’ll need to stand on your feet, with your legs in the air. Don’t worry! Your partner will hold onto your legs as he penetrates. What makes this a great making pose is that you’ll allow gravity do its work and pull the sperms further down the cervix. 8. Butterfly: With a name as pretty as the butterfly, you’ll expect a romantic sex position, right? Well, this is not soft and romantic! It is adventurous, perfect way to spice up your baby making adventures. You’ll need to lie on your back, on a table. Yes, you’ll need a table for this particular position. Next, your partner will need to move between your feet and lift your hips (or you can put pillows under your hips) 9. The Splitting Bamboo: When you are talking about positions for pregnancy, how can you not mention the Kamasutra! Did you know that some Kamasutra poses are not just ‘adventurous’, but can also make it easier for you to conceive? The splitting bamboo is one of the more famous Kamasutra poses, finding mention in numerous movies. In this pose, you’ll have to raise one of your legs over your partner’s shoulders while he straddles over your thigh and uses your leg for support. Apart from hitting the G-spot, this position also ensures deeper penetration and a higher chance of conceiving. 10. The Union Of The Wolf: Here’s another different positions to get pregnant from the Kamasutra ! In this pose, you’ll need to stand with your back to your partner. Your partner will then hold your waist and penetrate. Next, you’ll have to let your chest fall forward. This position helps the sperms find a better way to the cervix, ensuring quicker conception. Hope this helps.
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Question: I have thyroid problem . I am trying but not conceiving
Answer: Hi.. Dear First you need to work on your weight.. Join a yoga, meditation, aerobics, gyming classes (any one of your choice).. Work on your eating habits exclude alcohol, lot of sweets, greasy, junk and outside food completely.. And have your medicine on regular basis without a miss (avoid having cabbage, kale and broccoli).. If you follow this religiously I am sure you will have a positive pregnancy test result soon....
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