8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had urinary infection wen i consulted a doc she told its a fungal infection nd gave me a ointment to use its safe to use during pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear, as your gynac prescribed it , definitely it's safe for you. You can use medicines externally with out any hesitation.
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Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant and having fungal infection in my private parts... My gynaec gave me medicine for infection... Is it save to intake medicine for fungal infection during pregnancy please help me
Answer: Yes its safe uderwise this infection will harm your baby skin. You can wash it with neem water or dettol. Drink lot of watet
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Question: Hi me n my husband has fungal infection on our main parts (front n back) we consulted doc he gave medicines n ointment but didn't cure n we are planning for pregnancy plz suggest what to do? I'm so depressed.
Answer: U should consult your doc again and take medicines for the complete course .. make sure the infection is cured
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Question: Can i use terbinafine tablets for fungal infection during pregnancy???is it safe to use...??
Answer: If Dr has prescribed then only take. Usually depending on the location medicine is given. Fluconazole is a safe antibiotic for oral. Terbinafine is safe do not worry Just apply on affected area.
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