38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had upper placenta maturity grade 3 is it normal?

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Answer: Yes..grade 3 maturity means now ur body is ready for delivery
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Question: What is meant by Placenta anterior upper segment grade 3 maturity?? Is it normal??
Answer: Hello dear, placenta anterior upper segment means that the placenta is situated in the front wall of the uterus and extends upto there roof of the uterus and grade 3 maturity means that the placenta is working just on a minimal basis to provide nutrition to your baby and so there's a chance that your baby arrive earlier than expected..
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Question: Anterior Upper placenta grade 3 maturity mean??
Answer: Anterior placenta is placement of placenta on front wall of uterus that means on your tummy side. In anterior placenta if you touch your tummy to feel Your baby you would instead feel your placents. But its not a problem. With anterior placenta its just that you would feel the kicks a but late. Grade 3 placenta means your placenta is ready to be delivered. Good luck.
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Question: Placenta is posterior upper segment maturity grade is 3...is it good for normal delivery
Answer: Placenta posterior upper segment Implies your placenta is attached to the back wall of your uterus towards the top away from cervix which is good As for grade 3 Placenta can be graded from. 0 to 3 0 being initial phase and gradually moving to 3 towards delivery As you are in week 36 grade 3 is good
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