15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had sugar level before fasting 96mg/dl nd after meal it was 133mg/dl..they saidnitbstratingbstage of diabeties..thusnaffect the baby growth ah wat wz the normal range of sugatr level in pregnant women.

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Answer: Hello, during the period of pregnancy, the fasting blood sugar should not exceed 96. Blood sugar should remain below 140 just one hour after eating and below 120 two hours later. Looks like yours is bit hi. nothing to worry about you can do exercise, walking, fiber rich foods, jeera water, reduce carbohydrates. Have cinnamon tea . Your sugar will be in control.
Answer: Gastational diabet can happen for some ladies during pregnancy with full diet and walking exercise you can overcome it and can give normal birth. But you must follow severe diet. Ahould not eat any sweet items even yea coffe with sugar. Stay away from some friuts and oil fried items. Make sure you walk atleast 2 hours a day. Eat more vegetables .
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Question: My sugar level is 141 after one hour of meal... morning before food fasting level is 90...its normal??
Answer: Hello dear, this is slightly high.. but you don't need to worry,i think you should consult with your doctor.he/she will prescribe the best medicine for you.
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Question: Wat should be the sugar level before and after meal at 6-7 month of pregnancy
Answer: Hai. Before meal sugar level should be between 65 to 95 and after meals should be below 140 after one hour and 120 after 2 hour
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Question: my blood sugar is 80mg/dl in fasting 120mg/dl in p.p 2 hours after a meal...is it normal
Answer: In pregnancy the sugar level should be 90 fasting and after meal 120. Would suggest you to do hba1c test. And tc of what you are eating from now, as there are chances of getting Gestational diabetes. I had suffered from 3 month and was on diet till 7th month. Later diet+ insulin till delivery.
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