14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had spotting in 8th wk. Now in 14th week. NT scan normal. Is it ok to have intercouse?

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Answer: Hi..little spotting and brown discharge during pregnancy, is normal, therefore, do not worry. Keep yourself hydrated, drink lot of water and juices. Also, whenever next you will visit your gynaecologist, then inform her about it. Yes, if you have had a healthy pregnancy there is no reason why you and your partner can not have sex. Your baby is snugly protected by the amniotic sac and the strong muscles of your womb (uterus), while the thick mucus plug that seals your cervix helps to guard against infection.
Answer: hello dear as you lready have spotting during your 8th week, I will suggest you to avoid intercourse for at least first trimester. Intercourse can cause mild to severe vaginal bleeding with pelvic cramps. and this is not good for your baby's dvelopment.
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Question: Hi,Is it ok to go for my NT scan at 14th week.Am i late
Answer: I think u r late.I had it in my 11weeks 5days.it should be ideally done with in 12weeks
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Question: Hii..my 14th week completed ...doctor had recommend me NT scan and that was normal...now doctor suggested me for dual marker test...is it necessary to do dual marker test because NT scan report is normal..
Answer:  this test is mainly given to pregnant women to determine any chromosomal malformation in the foetus. This test also plays a vital role in the detection of any kind of neurological conditions in the foetus, such as down’s syndrome or Edward’s Syndrome. Chromosomal abnormalities in foetus can result in serious developmental deformities and lead to various health problems in the child post birth, but such abnormalities are extremely rare. The Double Marker Test is especially given to pregnant women above 35 years of age and those who have a family history of birth defects and history insulin dependent type 1 diabetes.
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Question: I had spotting in 8th wk, now in 14week. Scan wasnormal. Can i hav intercouse? Is it ok?
Answer: Hi dear if your reports are fine there is no complication in your pregnancy then you can go ahead and have intercourse because it is a very normal thing during pregnancy but if you have slightest of doubt in ur report you can ask your doctor and then proceed .. Hope this helps!
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