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Question: I had my last period on 15th October...I had the pregnancy test done on 13th October...and it's weakly I went to doctor and she said the sac is not visible..she had asked me to do beta hcg test to check the HCG levels in blood...what it means? Am I pregnant or not?

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Answer: It's too early to take a scan, you should have first taken blood test, take blood test, if it's positive then you are pregnant.dont stress out
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    Lakshmi Prasanna376 days ago I gave blood for test ..

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Question: My last lmp was on Jan 28. I had a scan on 15th march and my doctor said that gestational sac is very small and asked to do beta hcg test and result was 80.04. So they had asked to check the beta hcg level tomorrow and to stop all my medicines. I was taking fopymin, ecosprin, duphaston. Im really confused. Is this normal.
Answer: Hi dear, The idea here is to check if your bhcg levels are doubling on its own in a very 2-4 days.if it does then it's healthy sign,else it is a weak Pregnancy and needs to be monitored.unless your HCG l Vela are more than 4000 baby heart beat cannot be found.yours is too low at present.some ladies have low HCG in initial stages due to late the heart beat if baby should b detected between 6-10 weeks.
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Question: Hi everyone...I had done ivf and had embryo transfer on 1st October..and got positive result of beta hcg 301.1 on 15th October...but I have heavy bleeding and my hcg on 22nd was 1500 and on 24 was 1733..I have not yet gone for has been scheduled on 30 October..what to do
Answer: Hi dear, first of all congratulation for your successful IVF. Right now just take complete bed rest and whatever problem you are facing quickly inform that to your doctor as soon as possible. Though mild bleeding and spotting is common in early weeks of pregnancy but as you have IVF it's better to take more care. Hopefully everything will be fine as your HCG level is increasing. Take care and all the best.
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Question: My last period was on 23 July 2018 on23august i have taken homepregnancy test positive so i went to doctor she asked me for beta hcg test on30august
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! BHcg test is to check the amount of pregnancy hormones in your blood.usually by 6 weeks it must be around 1000.
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