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Question: I had my last peeiod on 5 feb. Folicle rupture happend on 22 feb. I am having creamy white discharge from yesterday. I am havinv mild cramping on both sides of stomach. I am taking duphaston tablet currently

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Answer: Hello dear. Nothing can be confirmed until you miss your periods and take a home pregnancy test after 7 days of missing your periods. Take the test with first urine eaely morning to get accurate results. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am having creamy tecture of white color discharge. Currently am 22 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi dear it's quite common take more water to drink no infections will takes place.
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Question: Hello doc . From yesterday I am having slight watery discharge white which creamy discharge is it normal ?
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. White/watery discharge during pregnancy is due to the harmonal changes in the body which is quiet common. Here are a few tips that might help you to reduce white/watery discharge : Maintain Cleanliness. Avoid Fried & Spicy Foods. Eat fresh foods. Wear cotton underwear. Wear Loose & Comfortable Clothes. Drink Enough Water. Consume yogurt. Take care.
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Question: I had my period on 5 feb. Folicular rupture happend on 22 feb. I am having white discharge from 27 feb. White discharge is symptom of pregnancy or period?
Answer: Hello dear, there could be many reasons of white discharge. As you said follicular rupture happened on 22 then it could be the leuteal fluids that are oozing out. I will suggest you wait for miss period then after 1 week of missed period take a pregnancy test to confirm.
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