6 months old baby

Question: I had my c section 6 months ago. My period is not start now. I was experienced with light bleeding 2-3 times in this gaping. What can I do? Is it normal??

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Answer: Hi dear yes it is normal for many women after delivery what the condition is normal other you can have your period just after the neck just after the month of delivery and you may not have your day period for a long time so both are normal and in this gap if you have experienced bleeding for sometime that is also fine but please since it has become irregular for you or it is not happening regularly please be protected while you are physically intimated.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I had d&c 3 month ago. From last 2 month i am experiencing light bleeding (only 2 days) during my period. Is it normal.
Answer: Yes it's normal.. since I too had d&c and now you can able to pregnant soon ... So please try for that.. All the best .. lot of prayers for you...
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Question: 3 months done after c section....now light bleeding is this a period
Answer: Hi dear. Yes it could be your regular period, keep on observing its flow and duration , if it seems similar to period then it is your periods. Some ladies get their regular period within few months of delivery, even i got it after 2 and half months. Hope this will help you
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Question: I had c section 2 months ago .my stitches area drained.wound completeled healed.but inside pain is there.is this normal.?and I have white discharge after bleeding is this white discharge normal after c section delivery??plz help with your answer..
Answer: Yes white discharge is normal no need to worry and inside stitches will take 3 to 4 months time to reduce the pain take full complete rest dont do any hard work dont lift any weight objects no need to worry
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