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Question: I had my 5th month anamoly scan... I was told that i am having placenta praevia.. will it remain in same position? Do i need to do any exercise for it?

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Answer: Hi dear please do not try to do any exercise for your pleasant aprilia it can be dangerous for you and the baby please take rest and listen to what your doctor has said to you in Placenta previa your Placenta is at a much lower level attached it to your uterus and it has covered the birth Canal completely but it is not that that it will remain same it might rise up at a later stage in your pregnancy as your uterus keeps stretching but for now you do not need to do anything if you have Placenta previa in your report please take rest fr now.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I had my anamoly scan today.. i was told that i am having low lying placenta calling placenta praevia.. will it be continue to be same?anything i can do from my end ?
Answer: Hi Dear! Placenta previa is a condition where the placenta is formed at such a low line of uterus that it covers the cervix (opening of the uterus) partially or entirely which decreases your chance of vaginal delivery. It may occur due to any prior surgical procedure in Uterine cavity or for scarring upper lining tissues in uterus. It may cause heavy bleeding, premature birth of baby etc. However there are chances thst the placenta may move up automatically at a later stage of pregnancy as your uterus keeps on growing. You should take rest as much as possible, avoid climbing stairs, dont lift weight. Dont be dissappointed there are many successful stories of placenta previa who has given birth to healthy child, incase you are a first time Mom i would suggest you to be mentally prepared for C-Section delivery. Hope this helps!
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Question: I was told i have "low lying placenta" during my 3rd and 5th month scan. However we had second opinion in another hospital in 2 days after 5th scan and was told "no low lying placenta". Will it change again?
Answer: Hi dear, If the placental growth is upwards then you should be glad,that it won't be low lying again.but if the growth is downwards then I am afraid the placenta might close the cervix.so talk to your doctor and examine.
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Question: I had 5th month anamoly scan. it has come that having posterior placenta with grade 1 changes. what does this indicate. any thing serious?
Answer: When the placenta develops at the back wall of the uterus, it is considered posterior placenta. This happens when the fertilised egg travels through the fallopian tube and attaches itself on the back or posterior side of the uterus. Having both anterior and posterior placenta is normal and doesn’t affect the growth and development of the baby. However, mothers with posterior placenta might seem to have a little more advantage than those who have anterior placenta. This is because having the placenta on the back wall of the uterus means feeling the baby’s movements and kicks early and stronger. Moreover, posterior placenta is considered to be the best for the baby as it allows the baby to grow and descend to the right position and align in the birth canal for a vaginal birth. placenta position is if it grows towards the cervix or lower end of the uterus. This is called placenta previa. In such a scenario chances of placenta detachment from the unstable position of the cervix is possible which can cause premature labour or internal bleeding. Doctor will closely monitor and inform you about any changes in position.
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