8 months old baby

Question: I had my 2nd c-sec and now my baby is 6months old.. But till now I have on and off pains on my left side, near to stitches area. Even when I lift my lil one I get pain. Is it normal?

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Question: When I sleep on my left side my left hip pains like anything.. Even though I change my side. Bt when I get up it pains a lot.. Wt to do?
Answer: Hello dear Its due to pregnancy hormones. Hip pain is caused because of the ligaments are loosening now, which holds sacroiliac joints, which connects your spin to the pelvis. While this joints and ligaments relaxation helps with birthing process it can cause pain in your hips, lower back and legs as well. Warm or cold compress on ur hip will give u some relief.
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Question: I had c-sec 29days ago Iam getting pain in my stitch area at left side slightly why?
Answer: Till 6months U shud not stretch at all n do not lift hvy weights in such cases u will get the pain so we hv tobe very careful..All the best Hop this info is helpful
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Question: I had c sec 5yrs back, and this is my second pregnancy. Now I am 24 weeks pregnant, and I'm getting little bit pain on right side on the stitches area, is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear it is quite common to get pain in old stitches if u get pregnant next time . In that case u should inform the same to doctor just for the safe hand.
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