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Question: I had last sex on 1 feb after that i got my period on 3 feb..but now after i month i am in periods but i only having brown spotting can i be pregnant? Without having sex from last 1 month

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Answer: Hello dear, as you said you got period on 3rd after doing sex on 1st. You mentioned you didn't sex after your period over i.e. in your fertile period. So, it's almost impossible to get pregnant without having sex. I guess you are suffering from other hormonal issues. Then also I will suggest you to take a pregnancy test after your period finished just to confirm.
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Question: I had my periods last month on 8 jan but after that till now I haven't got my periods. Is it possible that I can be pregnant
Answer: Hello dear Have u done ur pregnancy test?? If not then firstly do ur pregnancy test. If u find that the test is positive then it means that u are pregnant but if u see that it is negative then u are not pregnant. If it is negative then it means that there is delay in ur periods and it can be due to any reasons such as hormonal imbalance, stress, travelling etc. So, consult ur doctor first that what is the reason of ur missed period
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Question: Hi mam..i had my last periods on may 3 .i have 30day cycle..but june 1 I got brown discharge and I thought it was periods but it lasted only for one day. After that till now there is no sign for periods I got confused and checked for HCG test but it turned out to be negative. But I am having dizziness and little puking feeling. Even cloudy white mucus discharge is there.All symptons seem like pregnancy
Answer: Go for another test You need to wait for at least 10 to 14 days from the day you missed your period Take first urine sample to do test Pour it and if you see two lines you are pregnant One line not pregnant No lines repeat the test There are many home kits available All the best
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Question: Hello ... my had my last period on 21st of July and am trying to conceive . But this month from 21st August .. only spotting is there from 3 days . This means am in periods or am pregnant ??
Answer: Hi! If your LMP was Jul 21st, you are suggested to take a test around 27/28 of this month to confirm pregnancy. If two pink lines appear you are positive. If its not like normal bleeding and only spotting, then its better to take to test and confirm. Good luck!
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