4 months old baby

Question: I had cesarean in October 2018.. in that case have a high blood pressure.. so my gynecologist suggest some injection s.. that injection swelling are not reduce till now.. for the injection lump i use thrombophob ointment.. but it not use

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Answer: Hi dear usually injection swelling can be subsided with rubbing of Ice cube and at times thrombophob gel also helps but I would request you to try with ice cubes please Arab of Ice cube at least 2 to 3 times a day and they do it for at least Avik and see if there is any improvement if there is no improvement please do consult a Doctor to check why the swelling is not subsided even after 4 months.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally thrombophob should work immediately post injection.its too late now.i would suggest you to re-examine the area,as if the blood is clot over there,it could effect the blood circulation in that area.you should not have waited this long.kindly great it checked soon.
Answer: Apply oint nd keep hot water bag
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Question: I m 22 weeks pregnant.Can i use thrombophob ointment for after injection effects like swelling and blood clots
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