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Question: I had a c- section since 7 month back..........if i get a prengnancy now.......?

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Answer: Hi I do not think it's a wise decision to plan another child just after 7 months of c-section and no doctor would even suggest you to go for another pregnancy just after 7 months of c section.. an ideal gap would be 3 yrs between babies.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi dear, It is not wise to have another Pregnancy this early.a difference of 2 and half years is recommended between two kids.your body needs to recover from the physical stress .and it's not even an year of first delivery.
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Question: I had a C section delivery and now I have back pain. plz tell how to get rid of that?
Answer: Hi! Your increased weight carrying the heavy belly is the reason for the back pain. Your spine has only been supporting that weight hence the back pain. Donr worry you will be fine in few days, please try to follow these things; 1)Walk around for 10-15 minutes. 2)Improve your posture, keep your back straight dont slouch. 3)Dont sleep on your back. 4)If you need to pick something from floor try to bend your knees and pick. 5)Sit with a back support while feeding the baby. Hope this helps.
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Question: I had c section delivery now i have a back pain wat i do
Answer: My dr prescribed me calcium tablets when i complained of backpain.. And to take rest when you have the difficulty..u should not do any heavy activities for atleast 5 months.
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Question: I had a c section 6 months back and lost my baby.could I try conceive now
Answer: Sorry for your lose, wait for another 3-4 months as your body needs time and then you can if u feel healthy enough. Al the very best, god is there don't worry
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