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Question: I had a c section 25 days ago. Suddenly bleeding has become heavier from last two days. Kindly help me

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Answer: In my case same thing happens....like first heaven bleeding this it down gradually then again heavy bleeding for 4_5 days the again it slows down ..... don't worry for me I bleed for around 55 days ...and I was having normal delivery
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Question: Hi i had a c section two weeks ago...from last two days i am feeling numbness and little swelling below my c section scar whats the reason?...also had a pain but now pain has gone..
Answer: Hello ! I would suggest you to once the doctor. Sudden numbness and swelling should not be there . Hence consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi I had a c section 4 days ago. Since that day I ve not had a motion. Please help
Answer: It is common. I had normal n got motion after 5 days post delivery. Nothing to worry. Keep yourself well hydrated and eat fibre foods. Consult your doctor n get a laxative
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Question: I had a c section 25 days ago. What should i eat? Also can i start having ghee?
Answer: Avoid fast foods and food that are rich in fat content.Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet also take plenty of water.
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