17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had 2 cesarean operations already.. I have never experienced any pain of motherhood.. Can I vaginally give birth this time.. Is it possible

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Answer: hide is completely depends upon many factors it depends upon the reason of previous C section delivery it depends upon the gap it also depends upon how will the previous C section was done and thickness of class so why depending on all this factors Dr it be able to decide and will I be able to guide you
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Question: I am having a 2 months old baby. It was a cesarean delivery. I was told that cesarean mothers can give birth to only 2 children (because cesarean operation can be done only 2 times)is it true?
Answer: Hi, no no dear. It is nothing like that. It must have said so as the human body and women may not be able to take the pain of csec and after delivery recovery. Thats' it. Just don't worry dear.
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Question: I had Cesarean with my first baby. Can I have normal delivery this time?
Answer: I also had csection and my dr. told that if you give 3yrs gap then you will chances of normal delivery will have. so how old your baby is?
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Question: I had 2 cesarean operations.. Can i vaginally give birth...
Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to consult your doctor regarding this. We would not be able to judge the same. Take care.
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