19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got pimples on my lip, what can I do to get it cure?

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Answer: Hi Dear! i. Take a few drops of virgin coconut oil. Cleanse your skin and pat it dry. Now, massage the affected area with coconut oil for a minute or so. Leave it an over night. Repeat this an every night Dear ii. Take 1/2 teaspoon turmeric. Mix with water and make paste. And apply on the acne. Leave it for an hour or so and then wash it off. Apply this every day. Note: Wear old clothes to avoid stain clothing Dear
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Question: My baby got red rashes or small pimples type marks on face..What can I do?
Answer: hi dear don't worry usually these all the due to the heat show the babies get heated allergic on faces this summer so please feed their baby frequency and after feeding mother you should take more water bodies writing small fruits which makes baby avoid getting more heat and also don't make baby to sleep on bed or polymer sources for the whole day which makes baby to get this rashes and also please don't use more stronger soap on babies face user very mild soap and also baby products always keep baby is a face clean up use antibacterial wipes to clean baby's face
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Question: My 1mnth baby got lot of pimples on her face what r the causes and how to cure it
Answer: Hi!The rashes that you see on the white heads are kind of pimples that you see are actually not pimples it is a basically the hold over babies carrying outside afterwards it is very common and normal with all the babies please don't worry within a couple of weeks time it should subside on its own and also there is no need to apply any lotion cream or soap on the rashes and there is no need to scrub or squeeze them.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby has got heat boils on her scalp and forehead... What can I do to cure it?
Answer: Hi Its common in summer....just give bath to baby with warm water instead hot water..add.some.neem leaves in that water....also apply gingelly oil on rashes before bath as its natural anti fungal and helps to cure any skin problems...do note temparature if fever is there do take baby to doctor
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