6 months old baby

Question: I got my first period after 3 month of delivery,in 4 th month i missed my period,for certainty i checked same thing on kit but its negative.plz suggest is it normal or am pregnant or check with doctor???

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Question: Hi doctor my period date was 3 oct but i missed this month .... checked by pregnancy kit result is positive ....so when i rush to take doctor appointment
Answer: Dear congratulation on your pregnancy. First you need to get your beta hcg test done to see the growth of your pregnancy. After the test consult gynae and get the required supplements prescribed. You can schedule your first prenatal scan after 7 week. Hope it helps.
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Question: I missed my period on 3 rd nov,after that from last Saturday,i checked with pregnancy kit,and every time i got a thin line,and it is very light.Is this indicating that I am pregnant?
Answer: Hi! Congratulations dear one faint line is also positive and the pregnancy hormone HCG is present in the body, not sure when have you taken the test, its usually you get the proper result after 6-7 days of missing period, i would request you to take the test once again after 2-3 days there are chances of the faint line getting darker. Else you can also get a HCG blood test done to get 100% accurate result. Also as now you have found yourself to be positive please visit your gynae. Good luck!
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Question: Hi... Its been 37 days.. i missed my period so i checked with the pregnancy kit .. it showed one dark pink line is this positive or negative??
Answer: Hello! One dark line and no other line is negative. There should be atleast two lines, even if it is light it will be considered positive. Take care
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Question: My period is on 21st today i checked with kit but its negative
Answer: dear you should wait at least one week after your missed period to get a confirm result. Taking a urine test before time can give you negative or wrong results. if you are pregnant then after one week definitely you will get positive result and if again you get negative result it means there is some other reason of your delayed period. it may be work pressure or stress or some hormonal issues. If needed you can consult a gynac also. All the best, take care.
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