32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got delivered last week. Baby is in NICU. How long it should be in NICU. Is there any problem being in nicu

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Answer: Congratulations and welcome to motherhood 🙂 generally they keep baby for 5-6 days in NICU if the baby is suffering from jaundice. There is no problem in that they keep monitoring the baby and provide extra care, jaundice is very normal in newborn so your baby will be fine.
Answer: There's no problem if the baby is in NICU..its common in newborn babies..Regarding the time span the baby will be kept in NICU untill he gets back to his norml bilirubin levels.. the doctor will dischrge him at the right time dont worry
Answer: Fst of all congrats n dont use mobile not gud for ur eyes dear....n about baby Doctors must be there in hosp where u r, they know for how long baby shud be. So u pls take care of urself n dont use phone reminding u again....
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    Uma g bewoor B950 days ago

    Yes thank you so much for your advice

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    Sonia Khurana Anand948 days ago

    U r welcome dear! God bless uh both!!

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Answer: Hello! Though it is not common, but there are few cases where there has been preterm delivery. Premature infants often require special care. This is why they usually begin their lives in an NICU. The NICU provides an environment that limits stress to the baby. It also provides the warmth, nutrition, and protection needed for proper growth and development. Take care
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Question: I got delivered in my 34th week of pregnancy....now my baby is kept in box is there any problem
Answer: Nahi koi dikat Nahi hai may be thora under weight ho isliye .aap doctor se BAAT Karo .they should be help better for this situation.
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Question: I delivered at 31weeks.Doctor suggested to keep the baby in NICU. There is no health problem but only the weight is low i.e 1250gm.Is there any problem?
Answer: No any problem just need to be in NICU for some time to stabilize weight.
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