2 months old baby

Question: I got c section, can I eat fruits like pomegranate and apple... Which is good to have, and which are not good.. please suggest me...

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Answer: Sure dear... pomegranate and apple are absolutely healthy for you while breastfeeding as it contains antioxidants which helps boost the immunity of you and your baby... Avoid citrus fruits like tomatoes, Oranges, moosambi, kiwi, etc as they have a tendency to trigger acidity...
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Question: Can I have apple, pomegranate fruits??
Answer: Yes both are very excellent fruits specially during pregnancy. Apple digest easily and full of nutrients As pomegranates are rich in iron, consuming it on a regular basis ensures your body is receiving required amount of iron, there by avoiding the need of iron supplements. Pomegranates are rich in calories, vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin folate, potassium and antioxidants. Consuming pomegranates during pregnancy not only benefits the pregnant woman, but also benefits the developing baby.
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Question: Can i eat fruits like banana,apple,pomegranate and grapes
Answer: Hello dear..yes sure u can have all these fruits..these are all healthy and wil also benefit your baby..
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Question: i m 7 week pregnant and today I m not feeling to eat dinner but inst of tht can I have fruits like Apple pomegranate n banana
Answer: U can have fruits bt u can not depend totally on fruits have someting that u want 2 eat
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