Few weeks old baby

Question: I got admitted in hospital due to painkiller dyna par injection reaction i ws suffering contineous itching breathing prob and low bp nw m okk so cn i breastfeed my baby

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Question: Hii m a working woman and m in 8th month of my pregnancy I feel itching on my whole body which is so irritating what can I do
Answer: Hey dear due 2 harmonal changes itching is common in pregnancy so dear Wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics. ...Take an oatmeal bath or use a yogurt skintreatment. ...Use a moisturizer to ...Apply some calamine lotion. U can try coconut oil too nd avoid oily spicy nd junk food take plenty of liquids nd water.take besan add raw milk nd make smooth paste nd apply where u have itching nd leave it its helpful in reducing itching .try it twice a day u ll get relief .take care
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Question: Hi all,I really feel low because my mother is admitted in hospital due to malaria and mother in law suffering from air crack and she fell from bed..this is really bothering much please kindly pray that they should recover soon
Answer: Oh dear,very sorry to know the situation you are in..please be strong,yes they need lot of care,and I hope you have help too.please dnt stress out , everything would be fine.i am praying too.
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Question: Due to the reduction in water level, doctor has advised me to get admitted in the hospital(AFI is 7.8cm) now and they gave me steroid injection another dose also will be given itseems after 24hrs. They gave me trips also. Why do they give this injection? What is the purpose of this injection?
Answer: Steroid injection 💉 is given to mature the lungs of your baby. If there is any chance of premature delivery then doctor will give this injection.
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