26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel very thirsty in the middle of the night.. I wake up 2 3 times In my sleep to drink water.. Is it normal??

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Answer: hi dear. thirst is an indicator that the body needs to be more hydrated. You can try and keep a watch and have more fluids in the day and then see if you still feeling thirsty .. If this continues even after keeping yourself hydrated , then as a safe side precaution do mention to your doctor as excessive thirst may indicate that there could be posibly gestational diabetics condition - better to check once .
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Question: I feel thirsty all the time and I drink a lot of water. Is it normal?
Answer: Because it's summer and that's why you are feeling thirsty even after having plenty of water in pregnancy it's very important to have two to four litre of water also have fruits and veggies that are high in fibre like cucumber and watermelon this will help you in keeping yourself hydrated.
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Question: Since few days during night I sleep n wake up only in the mng. I used to wake up to drink water or fr pee bfr that. Will this affect my baby? Should I wake up night
Answer: Hi normal dear it won't affect as sleep is necessary as it helps for your health as well as helps baby in growth and development. So don't worry maintain a healthy diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated it will help. Take care
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Question: Anyone else wake up in the middle of the night to eat?
Answer: Yes..i do...even my other friends used to..so its natural
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