18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel some pain in bones near vargina it is normal?

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Question: I feel pain in vagina bones what i can do?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Vaginal bones pain at this stage is due to increasing weight of baby. Sit with raised legs so that pressure reduces there. Do not stand or sit for more time. If you feel pain is heavy or you find any other symptoms you have to consult doctor. Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they help us a lot. Take care
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Question: 32weeks running.. Light pain in pelvic bones..is it normal?
Answer: Hi ....it's normal Dr due to the harmonal Change .ur pelvic area becomes expanded to provide space fr baby during delivery.
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Question: I feel sharp pain in hip bones whenever I stand or do some work
Answer: Hello dear Its due to pregnancy hormones. Hip pain is caused because of the ligaments are loosening now, which holds sacroiliac joints, which connects your spin to the pelvis. While thia jointa and ligaments relaxation helps with birthing process it can cause pain im your hipa, lower back and legs as well.
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