13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel slightly pain upper vagina...may b in utreic

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Answer: Hello dear. If you have Vaginal pain that isn't accompanied by other symptoms or bleeding is perfectly normal. This is due to the growing of the fetus. Few remedies are Perform a few pelvic exercises, like pelvis tilts and rolls with the permission of your gynecologist. Try relaxing in a soothing bath with warm water (not hot). Avoid sudden movements if possible. Take care.
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Question: Feeling pain in stomach n vagina wt may b the reason
Answer: It could be due to pressure of your growing uterus but it could be a sign of labour as well so prepare yourself for delivery at any time after 36 weeks. Take rest and keep yourself relax and hydrated. All the best.
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Question: I feel slightly pain in stomach ....wat to do
Answer: Mild pain is common in pregnancy.. Consult your doctor if pain is severe
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Question: I feel little wet in my vagina may be minor water discharge....is this normal???
Answer: Dear watery discharge is common during pregnancy due to high levels of hormones secrets from the vagina.but it could be due to amniotic fluid after water break at term.if it is continuous or excessive with any colour change or smell please visit doctor immediately.better to use any vaginal wash daily to prevent pelvic infections.take care
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