10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel extremly thirsty....y so??

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Answer: As this is summer season you will obviously feel thirsty..and also as you are in your early stage of pregnancy your body requires of lots of water for the amniotic fluid formation in your womb..so i suggest you to drink lots of water and also u keep on urinating more number of times in pregnanacy so this is also the reason of feelng thirst
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Question: I always feel thirsty, y so?
Answer: Hello! It might be due to dehydration. Since you are feeding your baby too, all the fluid of the body is going out as breast milk, hence you feel thirsty. Drink plenty of water. Take care
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Question: y am feeling so thirsty...?
Answer: Hello dear try these fluids these will give u lots of energy and good for your thirst. fluids are very necessary in pregnancy. Here are some very good fluids. During pregnancy, your body needs more water to cope with the demands of your changing body. Water is essential for healthy blood cells and to keep your body hydrated. except water there are lots of fluids you can drink. coconut water  helps prevent dehydration. It is an extremely healthy option. Nimbu pani keeps you hydrated and provides vitamin C that helps your body to absorb iron more effectively. You can sip nimbu pani during the day or with your meal.  Fresh juices from musambi, oranges pineapple ,kharbuja and watermelons are great . Milk products are high in calcium, protein and Vitamin B-12. lassi and chhaach are very good fluids. Jal jeera, aam panna and fruit sherbets have a special place in most homes.  these healthy drinks are believed to cool, hydrate as well as help cope with morning sickness. Drink vegetable juice it is good option and number of benefits like iron, calcium and many more. Make a plain glass of water more refreshing by adding frozen fruit such as orange (santra), lemon (nimbu), kiwi, peach (aadu), apricot (khubani) and plum (aloo bukhara) instead of ice cubes. In the heat, Slices of lemon added to iced tea can also provide some relief from morning sickness. 
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Question: Why do i feel so thirsty while asleep at night?
Answer: Hi dear, Feeling thirsty, as well as urinating more often than usual, is a common symptom in pregnancy and usually nothing to worry about. Very occasionally, these problems can be a sign of gestational diabetes.Feeling thirsty every night and having to drink frequently to relieve thirst can either signal dehydration resulting from increased water loss from the body, or reduced saliva production from the salivary glands. to avoid such problems drink adequate amount of water throughout the day can eat fruits and vegetables that rich in water and help to hydrate. Take care.
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Question: I feel thirsty
Answer: Hi.. Dear drink fluids as much h as you want, it is harmless.. You can have juices, water, lemonade, soups, cool drinks made at home (no alcohol)... Sip by sip throughout the day.. You will feel better..
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