23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel constant vibration in the left side of upper stomach. What is it? However I've not felt the movement of the baby. I'm worried.

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Question: I always feel baby movement on right side of my stomach.. Never felt it on left side why?
Answer: It cud happen...mabbe bby has mch space fr movemnt at right side instead of left...at my pregnancy tym it was opposite i was feeling it at left side only...uts normal bt if u feel any doubt after tht u cn ask it with ur doc. Gud luck!
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Question: Sometimes I feel lyk vibration in upper vagina .what is the reason of this ??
Answer: Hi dear, this is because your pelvis muscle is loosening up and getting prepared for birth... It's still 5 more weeks to go but nothing to worry... This is normal symptoms only.
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Question: Hiii While walking today I felt sharp pain in left side of stomach for few seconds..there is lot of movement also of the baby..is it normal
Answer: It's normal dear... you don't have to worry.. it's due to the round ligament pain and stretching of muscles ....
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