34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I experienced lower tummy and back pain twice within ten days.. Can it be a sign of labor pain before delivery or it can be due to gas problem?

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Answer: Hi dear, during third trimester there would be back pain and abdomen pain often due to the increased weight of the fetus and expansion of uterus. Also some women may experience false pain. True labour pain will have a pattern. That is the pain will follow a pattern like every 20mins and gradually will decrease its time and pain like for every 10 mins, 5 mins, 2 mins. False pain will not have a pattern. Do not worry and be stress free to avoid preterm labour. All the very best.
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Question: I have lower back pain...is it a sign of labor
Answer: Yes during labour u will feel pain in ur back and it will come after interval and this intervals will gradually become frequent
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Question: I get cramps, lower tummy pressure and hardening for few seconds and mild low back pain. Is it a sign of labor. Within how many days i go for a labor
Answer: Yes dear these are the sign of labour pain . Just do some walk or stimulate your nipples that can help induce pains..
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Question: Hi, i am 34 weeks pregnant and getting severe lower back pain. Is it a sign of early labor?
Answer: hi dear back pain is not a sign of early labour. Labour pains occur hevay pains at lower abdominal at intervals .tq
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