13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I entered in to 2nd trimester means IAM in 13th week so in fruits can I have Black grapes and Mulberries?? Bcz today after having them in the morning By evening I had 2 tyms of loose motion in black ND green color so can I plz suggest me??

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Answer: Noo don't eat these fruits...
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Question: Hello doctor, Iam in second trimester, whenever I eat fruits I get my stools within half an hour or one hour and the color of my stools sometimes looks black and look so dirty. Is there any problem?
Answer: Hi, During pregnancy it is very important to consume lots of vegetables and fruits and as foods are high in fibre you can feel pressure for motion after consuming fruits. If you are already started taking Iron supplements been getting black order colour poop is absolutely normal. If you are not getting loose motion aur getting any train or pain at the time of passing motion there is nothing to worry about. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi, i have entered second trimester this week nd my doctor has recommended iron nd calcium tablets. Is it mandatory to have them ?? Can we compensate uron nd calcium needs with our food intake ??by iron rich foods
Answer: Dear mom to be yes it is mandatory. Because How much ever your intake of calcium and iron from food it won’t be sufficient for both you and your baby there should some supplement to nourish baby.so it is mandatory😊Take care happy pregnancy🤰🏻
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Question: Its my 2nd month running....i m feeling so much tiredness specially in morning nd late in evening...nd feels burning inside stomach everytime...plz help
Answer: It is a common symptoms of Pregnancy. Take small meals in small duration. In between meals u can take murmurey, marigold biscuit, Rusk, chiku.. avoid citrus fruit juice for the some time as it can cause acidity.
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