37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I eat folic acid tablets in my 37 week pregnancy. Is there any problem for it?

2 Answers
Answer: No problem but avoid cheyandi bcoz baby weight heavy avuthadhi ani antaru
Answer: No You should continue it
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Question: I'm totally avoided folic acid tablets and other calcium tablets in my pregnancy .. is there any problem??
Answer: Hi dear, Folic acid play an important role in early weeks of pregnancy in baby's neural tube formation and brain development and deficiency in Folic acid will cause birth defects in babies. so there is no reason to avoid taking supplements because supplements never causes any harm. Still you have few weeks to go and you should take Iron and Calcium supplement for proper growth and development of you baby but now there is no benefit of taking Folic acid supplement because already neural tube formation completed. If your anomaly scan report shows normal results then there is nothing to worry about. Hope for the best.
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Question: By mistake I have taken 2 folic acid tablets this morning. Is there any problem?
Answer: Hi.no problem.folic acid is one type of nutrients for u and ur baby.be careful hereafter.sleep well.take rest
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Question: Is there any harm in consuming folic acid tablets before pregnancy???
Answer: No harm at all, .sometimes doc prescribe folic acid tablet to those who are planning for pregnancy.
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