8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I dont have any vaginal discharge.. is that normal?

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Answer: Olive oil is used for calming babies and promoting their growth and sleep. From improving skin tone to acting as the ideal moisturizer for their skin, olive oil has a regenerative effect on the tissues of the skin and is loaded with healthy fast, oleic acids and squalene. The best part? It can be used in any season!
Answer: Yes it is common to have constipation during pregnancy.. as a result of some scratches over there, its common to have little blood in ur stool.
Answer: During pregnancy, try to avoid extra medications.. try home remedies.. its well and good! Try ginger tea to get rid of dry coughs.
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Question: I dont have any vaginal discharge is that normal in 5 th week pls rpy i am worried
Answer: Hi dear, Yes it is absolutely normal.i never had any discharges too during my pregnancy.donot worry.each one is different.moreover vaginal discharges are result of hormonal fluctuations.and it doesnot gaurentee the success of pregnancy.so please be relax d.
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Question: I dont have any kind of vaginal discharge yet. I read that it is common in pregnancy. Is it normal not to have any kind of discharge. I dont hv even light watery discharge .
Answer: Hi dear, Please donot worry.i too never had any discharges in pregnancy.but had healthy pregnancy.every pregnancy is different.and it is not a rule to have discharges.it mainly happens due to hormonal fluctuations or some infection.
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Question: I dont get any vaginal discharge. Is this normal?
Answer: Hi, dear not all moms have vaginal discharge so don't worry. It's normal. I also didn't get any discharge throughout pregnancy.
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