20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I done my ultrasound in that internal os closed cervix is normal is given please tell me what it means.

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Answer: it means everything is fine dear
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    Rani Pawar603 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: internal OS is closed...what it means
Answer: The internal os is part of the cervix, which forms the neck of the uterus, part of the female reproductive system. Running through the cervix is an opening called the os, with the end that opens into the vagina called the external os, and the end that opens into the uterus called the internal os. The cervix allows for the passage of menstrual blood and semen, inhibits the passage of harmful organisms into the uterine cavity, and forms the birth canal, which a fetus passes through to the outside world. It should be closed till the full term.
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Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant..Cervix length:34mm,normal. Internal OS closed means what??
Answer: Hi dear. cervical length is that the edge of Europe Placenta is 3. centimetre away from the opening of your cervix and internal OS is closed means that your uterus mouth is still closed and not started dilating .
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Question: What is that internal os is closed means it is mentioned in my anomaly scan
Answer: hi it is the upper end of the cervix that opens in the uterus however it is normal and healthy to be close it will open only after full term.
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