15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I don't like to have pomegranate. Please suggest an alternate food for that

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Answer: Hi dear u can make juice of it adding carrot apple and beet root. Even I don't use to like it but taking nice is fine. Infact if u totally don't want to have then eat walnut carrot almond beetroot as they are also good to maintain ur iron level.
Answer: Beetroot juice can be best alternative.
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Question: I don't like pomegranate. I felt like vomiting when having pomegranate. Whether it's must to eat pomegranate during pregnancy.?
Answer: It isnt compulsory, you can have it only if you like, you can rather have other fruits that you like.
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Question: Ma'am please suggest something for nausea.I don't feel like eating food at all
Answer: Hello dear nausea sensationis very common in the first trimester. The aroma of food will be intolerable. Have frequent small meals at regular intervals. Have biscuits like cracker,Marie, glucose the first thing in the morning as you get up because it will help to reduce nausea. Have waterelon & coconut water, lemon juice will reduce nausea.
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Question: I don't like to eat pomegranate..... So pls give me a suggestion for Another foods.....
Answer: Pomegranate is good to have during pregnancy.. u can take it as a juice on regular basis to increase your haemoglobin. In case if still don't like to have that fruit, eat apple, sapota, figs, dry fruits which will improvise your haemoglobin
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