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Question: I didn't get my periods still it's been two days I didn't get... And I don't have any pregnancy symptoms too just I feel heavy by stomach and my legs feel heavier and have light white watery discharge sometimes.. I'm confused and tensed too not able to understand anything

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Answer: Hello, you can just wait for another two weeks and then do a pregnancy test at home . You can also do blood HCG test to know about the pregnancy earlier.
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Question: I sometimes feel constipated or sometimes have loose motions... I feel hungry but don't feel like eating anything...and always have feeling of vomiting... highly confused !! please suggest is this normal and what should I eat
Answer: Pregnancy ke 1st trimester me bhukh n lgna vomit feel hona bilkul normal h. Constipation and loose bhi humari diet me sahi food n include hone ki vajah se hota h. Kuch simple bato ko agar hum dhyan me rakhte h to har chijo se bach sakte h. @Ap meals ko kai bar me khae thoda thoda karke. Jisse body me poshan ki kami n rahe. @ fluid intake bdha de khub pani pie. Coconut water or juice jyada pie. @ jyada se jyada fiber food le, fruits le jisse apka digestion acha rahega or constipation ki bhi shikayat nahi hogi. @ fast food or junk food se dur rahe ya ghar pe bnakar khae. @ apne doctor se consult karke exercise or yoga kare. @ vomiting ke liye ginger juice me honey milakar khae. Mint leave or lemon water bhi pi sakti h. @ loose motion se bachne ke liye spicy, oily food jyada n khae or annar ka juice pie.
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Question: Today is 41days that is since 9 days I didn't get my periods when can I check for pregnancy? I don't have pregnancy symptoms just heaviness in stomach
Answer: Pregnancy test we can do once we miss our period. As you have already missed your period you can check now using home pregnancy test kit
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant but I don't have much symptoms also don't feel much hungry and craving for anything
Answer: Hi dear, it is not necessary that all pregnant women have same symptoms. In my pregnancy I neva had even single symptoms. Enjoy your pregnancy all the best...
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